About US

Nutrition in Demand is a non-profit organization founded in late 2012, governed by a board of directors and totally funded by your generous support and other grants. Our mission is to increase people’s awareness to the important role of food in the body and how good nutrition supports optimal growth and health. We understand that we are truly what we eat, so we feel it is important that we teach and provide you with the necessary tools needed to make good, clean eating a lifestyle.

Nutrition in Demand was founded by Registered Dietitian, Mrs. Tamika Handfield. Mrs. Handfield received her Master’s in Dietetics & Nutrition from Florida International University in 2009. She is a former teacher with a passion for teaching and sharing information with others. After completing her studies, Mrs. Handfield realized there was a huge need for nutrition education within the community. However, many could not afford to pay for the services of a RD; therefore, Nutrition in Demand was born out of this need.

Nutrition in Demand helps to provide everyone excess to Nutrition education allowing them to take control of and maintain better health. We firmly believe that knowledge is power. So, help us give the power back to the people by becoming a sponsor of one of our projects.