Choosing the Right Summer Activity

Remember when we were children and we had absolutely nothing to do during the summer? Our major summer highlights consisted of playing with our dolls, cooking imaginary food using dust and going to the beach. Hmmm, now that I have written that, it doesn’t seem like that it was too bad for a childhood. Anyway, I digress; today’s children haven an abundance of opportunities and activities to occupy their time during the long summer break. So much so that choosing the ... Read more

Bottled Water Recall

There has been a voluntary recall on water produced between 3am (EDT) June 10th to 8pm (EDT) June 18th, 2015.  Niagara Bottling issued this voluntary recall due to serious concerns that one of its spring sources had tested positive for E. Coli.  Although, there have been no reports made of consumers becoming sick after drinking the company's products, everyone is still urged to avoid consuming products produced at the Hamburg, PA and Allentown, PA facilities during the time frame mentioned above. There ... Read more

Give a Compliment….Nothing More!

I met someone recently, and after a first glance, I heard myself saying, “You have a very pretty face.” However, before the words exited my lips, I mentally corrected myself and simply said, “You are very beautiful!” The first statement, even though it is a compliment, has a negative connotation associated with it. It says that even though I see your pretty face, I can’t help but notice how overweight you are. The latter statement says, ‘even though ... Read more

Food Safety during Summer

Here in the islands, hurricanes, beach days and cook outs are synonymous with summer.  Almost everywhere we turn there is a cookout—to raise funds, to celebrate various cultures among us or just to be with friends.  Whatever the reason or occasion for us to celebrate with food, it is important that we make food safety a top priority. A common practice when serving food is to wear gloves.  This is a good practice because the gloves protect the server’s hands as well ... Read more

The Heat is on

The heat is on!! No, I am not talking about the Miami Heats but the temperature that has been climbing since mid-April.  It is evident that we are in for one extremely hot summer.  Every year we make certain preparations for summer: stock up on bug repellant, prepare to pay higher than usual water and power bills, get ready for hurricane season and the list goes on.  However, there is one very important everyday task that is extremely important during the ... Read more

Super Brain Foods

With end of year examinations in full swing, I thought I would focus on foods that children can eat that support good brain function. Now, it is important to remember that these are not magical foods and will not give your child any super powers during their exams (only hard word and studying can do that), but research has shown that these foods promote cognitive abilities ad prevent its decline in later life. So, what are those foods? Fish. Fatty fish like salmon, ... Read more

Move-a-thon 2014 raises $7,000

On January 11th, hundreds of people came out to the Children’s Park in Lower Bight to support Nutrition in Demand’s 3rd annual Move-a-thon.  Participants took off in the brisk morning breeze to walk, run or bike in the 5K, 10K or half marathon event.  The Move-a-thon is a major fundraiser for Nutrition in Demand--a non-profit organization aimed at raising awareness to health and healthy eating. Once participants completed the course, they were welcomed to a health fair with over twenty vendors from ... Read more

The Week of the Young Child 2013

  During the week of October 28th, the Turks & Caicos Islands Ministry and Department of Education in collaboration with UNICEF celebrated the Week of the Young Child under the theme: “The Early Years are Learning Years-Early Literacy Counts”.  As part of the celebrations, the three Government Elementary Schools on Providenciales hosted a variety of activities for their parents.  One of the activities included an informative workshop for parents of children in Kindergarten thru Grades 2.  Speakers to the event included Nutrition in ... Read more