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Nutritional and Financial Health During the Holidays

Ho, HO, HO! The holidays are here and for many it is a dreaded time of year because there is usually lots of food to be eaten.  This usually means gaining a few pounds.   Some studies suggest as much as 5-10 pounds.

However, the Anglican Church, under the leadership of Father Bernard Been, has taken proactive steps to educate and equip his parishioners on how they can effectively stay within their financial and caloric budgets during this festive season.  On December 10th, 2013, Nutrition in Demand’s Executive Director and Registered Dietitian, Mrs. Tamika Handfield along with CEO of the National Health Insurance Plan (NHIP), Mrs. Zaneta Burton were invited to present on “Nutritional and Financial Health for the Holidays”.

During the presentation, Mrs. Handfield focused on given the audience practical tips that they could use to help them maintain their weight during the holidays.  The tips given included:

  1. Exercise
  2. Eating at regular intervals
  3. Avoiding portion distortion
  4. Choosing healthier holiday drinks
  5. Making healthy swaps in recipes
  6. Having a plan of action
  7. Learning how to manage the emotions during the holidays

Participants were encouraged to ask questions and interact as the speakers presented.  From all accounts, the seminar was very informative and educational.