We conduct workshops for everyone across the lifespan—Seniors, Adults, Teenagers and Children—on a variety of topics. These fun, exciting and practical workshops are specifically designed for the intended audience. Much research goes into the preparation which allows the facilitator to be sensitive to age, cultural and gender differences. So that participants get the most of the workshops, they are encouraged to ask questions and become actively involved in the discussion.

Nutrition and physical activity camp

Movement, Nutrition & Music summer (MNM’s) Camp is designed for all children ages 10 -15. This camp focuses on teaching children about the importance of nutrition and physical activity while at the same time getting them involved in music as a way to creatively express themselves. This camp gives children much needed tools to help decrease/manage their weight and boost self-esteem. Children are taught how to manage their portion sizes, read food labels, plan healthy meals and are involved in lots of physical activity. We incorporate activities such as aerobics and pilates and work along with trained professionals.

Nutrition Education & Culinary classes for children

This is the perfect setting to introduce children to new foods and foods they may not like especially vegetables. These fun-filled, hands on sessions are divided into 2 main sections: education and cooking. First, a nutrition topic is discussed then children get to ‘play’ with the food and make a nutritious and tasty recipe. They mix, peel, chop, grate and stir all while dressed as little chefs. We cater to all school age children.

Weight Loss Support Groups

Every journey is more exciting when you have your friends along and the same is true for weight loss. These six week sessions meet weekly and provide you with the information, accountability and motivation needed to shed the weight.

Birthday Parties

Who says birthday parties have to be all about cake, cookies and ice cream? Children can eat nutritious and still have fun. You pick the theme and your kids along with their friends do all the cooking. They will laugh, sing and dance as they prepare kid friendly nutritious recipes.