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Choosing the Right Summer Activity

Remember when we were children and we had absolutely nothing to do during the summer? Our major summer highlights consisted of playing with our dolls, cooking imaginary food using dust and going to the beach. Hmmm, now that I have written that, it doesn’t seem like that it was too bad for a childhood. Anyway, I digress; today’s children haven an abundance of opportunities and activities to occupy their time during the long summer break. So much so that choosing the ... Read more

Preparing Your Body for Pregnancy

One of the happiest times of a person's life is when they find out they are bringing a new life into the world.  There's just something about knowing and feeling that little person as they grow and then getting to meet them as they make their grand entrance.  During the time of pregnancy, most women are at their healthiest-- many quite drinking, smoking, take their multivitamins and really start to pay attention to what they eat.  While these are extremely important ... Read more

Dental Health and Nutrition

Imagine you have worked really hard and built yourself a really nice and expensive house, but because of the time involved, you have not spent much time on the outside of the house. The yard needs to be clean, the gate is broken and the house is in general disrepair. It really doesn’t matter how beautiful the inside is because the outside gives the first impression. Let’s apply this same scenario to our bodies. We may exercise ... Read more

Diabetes and children

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) reports that 1 in 400 American children have been diagnosed with diabetes.  Children are usually affected by Type 1 Diabetes, an autoimmune disease where the body is unable to make insulin.  However, pediatricians are now seeing an increase in the number of children affected by Type 2 Diabetes.  Unlike Type 1, Type 2 Diabetes is very closely connected to lifestyle and behaviors. The persons living with Diabetes fully appreciate the impact the disease has on their lives ... Read more

Diabetes and its related complications

Diabetes is sometimes viewed as a not-so-serious disease because the effects on the body are not readily seen.  Persons may say, ‘I have a little sugar’ or ‘The doctor said I have a touch of sugar.’  These conditions do not exist; a person either has diabetes, too much sugar in the blood, or may be pre-diabetic.  Being pre-diabetic means having higher than normal blood sugar levels but not high enough to be call diabetes.  Statements like those above let me know ... Read more