Forget about the scale and aim for wellness in 2014

Some people spend so much time focusing on the number the scale displays but in reality that number is just that, a number on the scale.  It doesn’t tell the whole story nor does it give the bigger picture.  The bigger picture includes everything you have achieved or have gotten so much better at since starting your journey to wellness.  It may include achievements such as, being able to run non-stop for three minutes instead of thirty seconds, eating breakfast every morning, drinking more water, being able to do more reps in the gym or making better food choices instead of only eating to please the palate.

These achievements may seem insignificant to others but are very important to you.  And, that’s the beauty of it; your journey to wellness will not look like anybody else’s.  You do not have to compare yourself to anyone; the only comparison you are making is where you are now to where you were at the beginning of 2013. Achieving overall wellness is a journey, not a destination.  Consider selecting a few of the wellness goals given below for your personal journey in 2014.

  1. A food wellness goal: Cutting back on sweets.  This is a common one but also a ‘not so easy’ one because you may not know where to start.  Try reducing the amount of sweets you eat by half each time.  For example, instead of two teaspoons of sugar in your tea, use one or instead of a regular size Snickers bar, eat a mini.  You will be getting much less calories and saturated fat but still satisfying your sweet tooth.  Eventually you may be able to skip the candy bar altogether.
  2. A physical activity wellness goal: Incorporate strength training into your workout routine at least two times per week.  During the year, you may have lost weight so your goal has changed from weight loss but you now need to tone up and build muscle.  Strength training will help with this.
  3. A behavioral wellness goal: Reducing screen time, especially during meal times.  Watching television, playing a video game or replying to emails help to distract you from the real task at hand…eating.  A distracted eater tends to eat more because you are not paying attention to cues of fullness and satisfaction.

None of the above goals have weight loss as the ultimate objective; however, weight loss may be an added benefit on your way to achieving overall wellness.  While the scale is very important in helping you to keep track of where you are and to ensure you are not gaining, it does not recognize all of the non scale achievements you are making to become a better you.   So, forget about the number on the scale and aim for overall wellness in 2014!