Eating Healthy when there is no Budget

Taste has been proven to be the number one factor influencing food chose, but cost is also a strong determining factor.  There is a myth that healthy foods are too expensive.  Therefore, consumers feel it is cheaper to eat fast foods; they sometimes opt to sacrifice nutrition for cost in order to satisfy the physiological need of hunger.

While eating healthy may seem to be more expensive, feeding your family nutritiously is not impossible and it can be affordable.  You may find some of the tips below helpful:

  • Planning is essential.  One of the best ways to over spend on your grocery bill is to go to the grocery store unprepared.  The result is you end up wandering through the ailse tossing items into your shopping cart that you do not need and may not use.  It is important to have a plan of action before going to the grocery store.  Decide what meals you want to make for your family during the coming week and make a shopping list based on those meals.  Double-check your cupboards to see what you already have on hand and update the list if needed.
  • Cook in batches.   This not only saves you money by preventing those fast foods stops, but also saves you time on busy evenings.  Choose a day during the weekend when you can cook large batches of two or three recipes.  Separate into individual portions and freeze for use later in the week.
  • Buy on sale.  This maybe an obvious one, but may also result in food waste.  We tend to buy large amounts of food when there is a sale, but it becomes very costly if we can not use all the food we bought and have to throw it out.  Look out for sales but remember to only buy what you need or what you can use before it goes bad.

There are many more tips on how you can successfully eat healthy even when money is tight.  However, space does not allow us to properly discuss all of them here.  So, in recognition of National Nutrition Month, Nutrition in Demand is hosting a one day workshop, “Eating Healthy when there is no Budget” on March 22 beginning at 9:00am.  We will discuss more money-saving tips, teach you how to start your own backyard garden and show you how to cook tasty and healthy foods.

If you would like to register for this workshop, please visit our home page, click on the banner and register to reserve your space.