Read all about it: Eating Healthy when there is no Budget

In recognition of National Nutrition Month, Nutrition in Demand hosted a one-day workshop entitled “Eating Healthy when There is no Budget” on March 22, 2014 at Occasions Ballroom.  The cost of food and the basic essentials have skyrocketed yet the minimum wages have remained the same.  Registered Dietitian and Nutrition in Demand’s Executive Director, Mrs. Tamika Handfield said, “One of the main reasons this workshop was planned was to show persons that eating healthy is not impossible even when money is tight.”

Cost and poor taste are usually cited as reasons for not choosing healthier foods, but this workshop addressed all of these concerns and more.  Participants were given practical tips on how they can feed their families more nutritiously without spending a week’s salary at the grocery store.  Participants appreciated the fact that the information given was real and based on our people, culture and economy.  One participant had this to say, “I am appreciative that Ms. Handfield, acknowledged and addressed our concerns not merely by quoting books or giving statistics but by hosting this workshop where attendees were given recipes, tips for nutritional and cost effective options that are achievable locally, healthier options to our normal cooking habits and so on.”  She also added, “It is an awesome thing to see someone being so enthusiastic and proactive in our country!  Thank you so much for the opportunity!”

Presenters to this workshop included professionals from various backgrounds.  Mrs. Tamika Handfield took participants on a mental and visual tour of the grocery store and provided practical ways they can get more nutritional bang for their buck.  Mr. Brian Naqqi Manco, local botanist and lifelong vegetarian, presented participants with multiple inexpensive vegetarian recipes he uses from various cultures.  Pastor Courtney Missick, founder of Isaac’s Farm, went back to the basics of farming and agriculture.  He gave pertinent information on starting one’s personal garden and caring for and nurturing plants as they grow.    Lorraine Kenlock, personal chef and event planner of Iriedawta Catering, rounded up the event with a live cooking demonstration.   Participant’s senses were tantalized as she prepared a salmon salad for their tasting.

As always, Mrs. Handfield is grateful for the support she gets from the community; “We can’t find the words to articulate a sentence that correctly conveys our gratitude and thanks to all of the amazing speakers who so willingly gave of their time and expertise.”  “We are always so happy when we are able to achieve our mandate of providing credible, factual nutrition information to the community,” Handfield said.

Nutrition in Demand thanks its sponsors: Caribbean Crusin’, Graceway IGA and Mrs. Lillian Boyce.